Building Strategy Through Connected Research


It's a huge headache to gather & extract data - how do we make the generation of this data easier?- Business Executive

Multiple departments at Bench regularly conduct research initiatives related to the company's user base and business. Though insights gathered in these initiatives help to inform individual project groups, they remain trapped in departmental silos with no easy way for others to access, reference and map their relationships. This has led to expensive duplications of research and squandered opportunities to enhance strategy.



Short Summaries Give Meaning To Complex Studies

We found that individuals each had their own way of gathering and presenting information, making it difficult to bundle the collective works up and serve it as is. A successful resource would need a simple, repeatable method for it’s users to consume content.

Tags Enhance Discoverability

Stakeholder interviews revealed the specific areas of focus and terminology that different teams cared about and would associate their artifacts with. To leverage this through search, we corralled these terms and grouped them into mandatory and optional tag types. Articles would be tagged using this system, providing a consistent and meaningful classification structure.

Active & Complete Campaigns

To increase cross departmental collaboration, we looked to expose ongoing campaign efforts as well as past efforts.


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