Discovering mental models through contextual inquiry


Property manager's current method of handling site inspections lacks accountability.


  • Understand the task from a property managers point of view
  • Understand the needs and objectives of stakeholders
  • Identify key pain points
  • Create a solution that solves property manager's specific business objective while tying it in to the Kiuni brand and ecosystem


I conducted multiple contextual inquires and studied users workflow and they performed tasks in their work environment.

I learned the pressing duties, lack of immediacy and lack of structure in addressing important findings was creating operational chaos and a lack of accountability. Stakeholders expressed concern over the timeliness of delivered documents and having to rely on the honour system to insure that employees were actually performing the inspections as scheduled.

I created a journey map to frame the inspections process and engaged in dialogue around these findings with my team. We reviewed user and business goals and performed a competitive analysis. Through analysis we saw that our competitors weren't providing a comprehensive, affordable solution for this problem. We decided to leverage our unfair advantage of "Bring your own hardware" and NFC integration.


Based on the new designs, I have improved the work flow of property managers and regional managers. Regional Managers are now able to implement standard on how forms are designed and submitted, saving them the hassle of parsing through submissions to find the valuable information. Important items are clearly identified and appropriate parties are notified when these items are listed.

Regional managers can now see when property managers no longer have to worry about toting around pens and paper and forgetting to submit reports. They have an easy system for organization and no longer have to worry about submitting their reports on a hard date as their submissions are gathered and sent to the appropriate parties instantaniously.

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