Aligning Design Strategy With Heuristic Analysis


Oikonos is a non-profit based out of California and Chile with a mission to conserve coastal ecosystems and create good stewards of the environment. The Oikonos website is an important channel for communications, organizing campaigns, and facilitating donations. Oikonos’ management team recognized the need to improve the site’s ability to support these functions in order to maximize its value. They sought expertise in evaluating its current state and determining the best path forward.

We want people visiting the site to feel that their donations will be efficiently put to use to create tangible outcomes in conservation and research.- Oikonos Team




I needed to capture the team's strategy and extract a clearly articulated, shared vision. To do so, I had all project stakeholders work through a thoughtfully crafted questionnaire together so that it could be used as a platform to drive meaningful discussions.

I then facilitated a project kickoff meeting to discuss the answer provided and set expectations around timeline and deliverables.


To assist in the evaluation, I devised a core set of heuristics that best aligned with desired strategic outcomes.

I proceeded to apply these heuristics to my analysis across all sections of the website. I identified problem areas and provided opportunities and suggestions for improvement.


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