Increasing adoption by enhancing payment microinteractions


BillSpring increases the productivity of freelancers and small business owners by letting them focus on their craft, without worrying about when they're getting paid.

Admins often receive cheques from their clients as payment. Before building the infrastructure for credit card payment systems like Stripe, Paypal etc. the team sought to create a low dev effort, high gain solution that gives Billspring Admins the ability to manually add payments of any type.


  • Research and design a method for admins to manually add and modify invoice payments.
  • Design a method for Admins to manually enter payments against the invoices that they have created internally or have sent out to clients.


After reviewing key issues, goals and supporting research with my teams PM, I began sketching out key interactions.

Research indicated that 90% of the time, clients pay in full, with the most common payment type being cheque. To save Admins time, we prepolpulatedthe preset payment field with the amount required to pay off the invoice in full.

We surfaced a clear narrative for Admins that let them know the result of their last action, and what they should do next. Furthermore, we created satisfying product hooks that reward Admins for taking key actions within the payment cycle.


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