Designing CRM And Personnel Management For Security Companies


Building Security relies on a mobile app developed by Kiuni to help them perform their patrols. Although the app has some of the functiaonality they need, its complex architecture and large cognitive overhead is making the app unreliable as a business tool.


  • Understand the task from a security manager & security guar'ds vantage point.
  • Understand the needs and objectives of stakeholders
  • Identify key pain points
  • Create a solution that solves property manager's specific business objective while tying it in to the Kiuni brand and ecosystem


During interview sesions I helped identify two key pain points expressed by stakeholders:

  • Concern over the lack of distinction when an item needed immediate attention
  • Submissions needed to be organized and archived for ease of access

By shadowing security guards on patrol, I learned that there were several environmental factors that could lead to an unsuccessful patrol submission. Some checkpoints would be placed in hard to reach areas of the building, or hidden so as not to attract unwanted attention from the building's tenants.

I created a series of journey maps to illustrate the patrols process from the perspective of our different user types. We reviewed our findings and garnered a new understanding and appreciation for our users. We addressed the pain points of setting up, performing and archiving patrols.


Based on the new designs, I have improved the work flow of building security companies carry out patrols. 

Security managers can keep track of their employee's patrol progress in real time. They can thoroughly assess the quality of reports being made and can easily identify items that require immediate action. With all of the patrol data being submitted in real time there are no papers to hand off. Data is organized and archived in one central location where reports from all sites are collected for review.

The setup process for patrols has been greatly improved with an optimized the flow built on a solid understanding of our users journey. We scrapped the concept of pass cards and have eliminated duplications of effort. Security guards no longer have to worry about environmental issues and internet connectivity.

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