Assessing Market Readiness Through Service Design Research


It’s imperative that on-site technicians won’t be needed for this rollout. It’s a huge cost sink- Business Executive

Increased cord cutting and a changing technological landscape was eroding TELUS’ TV profits and market share. To address these issues, TELUS was developing a flexible, modern streaming service called PIK TV. With an ambitious launch date set for PIK, TELUS leveraged our team of service design and UX experts to ensure that their offering was polished and ready for launch.



Mapping The Service

We worked collaboratively with key stakeholders and departmental representatives to map out the service in its entirety. The service had components that were web based (discovery and ordering), physical (unboxing and hardware) and TV based (media streaming UI). Taking this into account, we formulated a research plan that would leverage a suite of available technologies to allow us to capture and evaluate the complete service experience.


I ran multiple in home research sessions with a diverse set of participants across the greater Vancouver area. We then synthesized the information that we’d gathered and translated it into actionable recommendations.


Actionable Insights

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