Improving Call Centre Workflows ThroughDigital Integration


Contact Center is an operations management platform that gives small to mid-sized call centers the right set of tools to acheive desired outcomes. The app automates processes, streamlines workflows, and provides analysis tools that surface tangible business insights.

Staff inside of call centers are typically composed of one or more teams of agents who report to a supervisor. In order to assess the service level being delivered by agents, supervisors require access to monitor agent calls. While some call monitoring functions accessible through traditional hard-phone commands, our goal was to create a unified digital soft-phone experience that would retain existing functionality while improving upon and streamlining the existing workflow.



Mapping Workflows

After interviewing call center supervisors and consulting with internal stakeholders, I mapped the call monitoring flow.

Analysis revealed that monitoring sessions were most often initiated for one of the following reasons: outlying call metrics, performance evaluation, employee training, or general accountability. For example, participants mentioned the need to identify whether their agent's outbound calls were work-related or personal. Additionally, more advanced, two-way monitoring functions were used to support new hires and new campaigns.

To accommodate the different levels of interaction required, we created 3 complimentary monitoring modes.

Harmonizing Experiences

We sought to inform agents of the supervisor’s prescence during active monitoring sessions. To do so, we developed helpful messaging to highlight the capacity in which thier supervisor whould be involved in the call.


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